Our panel of Circus activities to discover !

Morning Meditation & Street Work-Out (all age and level): 30 minutes of meditation and 30 minutes of street workout in the morning will help sharpen your mind, your soul and your body! Both activities will help you stay relaxed the entire day, give more energy and offer an overall sense of well-being / satisfaction feeling. Morning exercise has more health benefits than we can imagine. 

Poi Class (all age and level): Poi is a beautiful art (one of the famous Flow Arts) which challenges your body, mind and spirit. This is your chance to learn and master all the basic moves and transitions of poi! Lessons will cover all the basics of poi with lots of tips on how to master them to build turns, sequences, as well as transitions. For those of you who already know some moves, this course is a great way to improve your control of rhythm and freedom of movement. Discover and learn all the possible pro tricks missing from your poi routine. This course is for beginners, or those who know some of the basic movesbut are willing to find more flow, balance, and freedom of movement. 
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