Samui Circus Studio provides talented and responsible performers to the venue’s and event organizers on Koh Samui in Thailand and abroad. Samui Circus team organizes custom made performances and fire dance shows adapted to any kind of events / occasion (weddings, anniversaries, openings, birthdays, indoor and outside scene…) and audiences. Choose a theme below and work closely with us to create your very own performance at your event.


Traditional Thai Fireshow

We can arrange fire performances from 1 to 8 performers using an array of fire toys (poi spinning, sticks/double sticks, swing clubs, fire gun, juggling toys, fire fan…). Each show is fully choreographed with music and costumes, and designed specifically for your event. The artists also interact and take photos with the audience and each fire show incorporates our signature finale, The Sparkle! Artists generally dressed up in a traditional thai costume but we can adjust it to your event theme while staying in the spirit of Thailand style.

We guarante to put on an electric show to amaze your guests.

Island Style Fireshow

Our professional fire dancers can arrange free style of fire dance also called « Island style Fireshow » well know from the famous Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan. Artists will take pictures with your customers, play fire with them, entertain them by their fire tricks, make a fire limbo game… This performance can be arrange with any kind of musics (Dj or playlist on the theme of your party). Artists use in the performance a lot of fire toys as: fire poi, fire stick, fire gun, fire fan, dragon staff, swing club…

You can be sure that your audience will have fun and a lot of amazing pictures!

Flame Of Siam Fireshow

The « Flame of Siam » is offering you the opportunity to discover the magical and enigmatic culture of Thailand ! A mesmerising high-energy show execute by 6 performers with spectacular costumes, uplifting musics and unique fire tools that captivates an audience of any age or genre. Combining talented artists with different techniques of dance to create a unique performance, a thrilling must see show!

If you’re looking for a high impact show to amaze your guests, go for The Flame of Siam.

Art Circus Workshop Activity

We can entertain guests by making them learn a few circus tricks. Workshops are tailored to suit any age range, genre and fitness levels. We provide the equipment to test their skills in a fun and safe environment (available: poi spinning, devil stick, stick, diabolo, plate spinning, juggling ball, tightrope walker, hula hoop, and much more…). Circus arts skills will improve learning skills, enhance concentration, coordination, motor functions, self confidence, patience, creativity, persistence, and develop muscle potential. The list is endless!

This activity can be perfect during an afternoon party, as a brunch or before a fire show performance.

Led Show

Brighten up your event with an exciting and unique LED performance. Combining the power of performance art with the mystery of technology, our innovative light show offers a never seen before performances. Artists use dance props with LED lights and incredible lighting costumes. LED technology provides endless opportunities (indoor and outdoor performances) and gives a very dynamic performances creating a fantastic atmosphere. If you are looking to amaze at you event, then a LED performance is the best option to get people talking!

Stilt Walker

When you book a Stilt Walker you can be sure that he will be towering above your guests in stunning costumes, themed to suit your event entertainment. The artist will meet and greet your guests and mix and mingle for photo opportunities, to create lasting memories. With extravagant costumes to suit every event, colour and theme, we are sure to have the perfect match for you…!

Free Style and Choreographed Dance Show

Shows are composed by improvised dance acts and short choreographed ones (hip hop, break dance, Ragga dancehall, Lady dance, gogo dance…) that add to the visual background ambiance. We can also entertain your guests through an elegant welcome and taking unforgettable photos to make your event a special one and create a truly magical experience for all your guests. It is possible to also include uncommon fire toys (fire on the feet, fire spiral, fire fans…). We can arrange boys and girls dancers. Costumes to be designed to your event.

Choreographed Group Dance Performance

We can offer some wonderful, stunning, professional dancers who are trained in every type of dance and theme . From 5 dancers till 10. Our entirety of dance acts can be customised from the outfits and the routines to the makeup and themes to match all of your needs.

Magic Show

The magician is a guarantee for a good atmosphere, smiling faces and give your guests something to talk about. Combining modern magic and close up magic with a charismatic character, our magician is able to perform tricks at the table, whilst strolling or even on stage. Fully customizable performance to suit your evening, we offer pre and post-show dining options.

Special Event For Kids

The circus team offers a wide range of kid’s entertainers to make your kid event an unique ones. There is something to match every party theme and budget, as well as options that will suit a variety of age groups. Now your only task will be to create your own entertainment package while choosing some options bellow. Because all children and parties are different, we believe that each show needs to be unique.

Art Circus Workshop : Workshops are lively, tire the kids out nicely and also give them their daily exercise without them even realising! They can learn a routine and perform it at the end – you could even record their final show. With highly interactive, fun and educational circus arts workshops, both children and their parents can learn circus skills, from beginner to advanced. This includes how to juggle very different and fun gear (balls, diabolos, clubs, devil sticks, spinning plates, rings etc.), confidence exercises, fun teamwork exercises, magician techniques, acrobatics and making advanced balloon animals.

Balloon Artists – Balloon Twisters : this is a very impressive form of entertainment for your kids in case you want to add a happier tone to the party. Especially, if you have too many guests and you need to entertain them all.

Face Painter : Another one that works with almost any type of party, our face painters can transform your child’s classmates into any animal, character or object their heart desires. Face painting is a must for every kid’s party and it is really worth it to include one for yours. This will keep your kid’s party audience really happy!

Clown : One of the most classic choices that can fascinate children by his impressive tricks. His program can be as short or long you need it and it can even be divided according to the children age groups. He belongs to this special team of entertainers that apart from laughs and the very funny appearance, he will react the most with your guests by also performing impressive magic tricks.

Stilt walkers, Acrobats, Jugglers : If you wish for a truly spectacular party with a little bit of circus, then you should enrich your party’s program with Stilt walkers, Acrobats and Jugglers. They will be all around the place of the party and entertaining children and adults in unique ways!

Fire Show : Our professionnal artists can arrange a special (short and interactive) fire show for your young audience.

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